Its Never Too Late For Heat Pump Maintenance

Heat pumps are perfect for the warm, temperate summers of Toronto. More energy-efficient than air conditioners, they work by moving heat energy from cooler places into warmer ones to cool them down. But they can only maintain their efficiency if they’re properly cared for. Without regular heat pump maintenance, your unit can use up to 25 percent more energy. This neglect can also lead to stress on your system that will cause damage and ultimately shorten its life.

Fortunately, it’s never too late to remedy the situation and have an HVAC technician start performing regular heat pump maintenance. A general heat pump maintenance inspection should be performed prior to the peak of the cooling and heating seasons. Here are a few of the things your HVAC technician needs to do:

  • Clean your filters every two to six months, depending on how much use your system gets. Clogged filters will decrease airflow, putting stress on the system and leading to wasted energy. Cleaning or replacing the filters is easy enough to do yourself, but your HVAC technician can advise you on exactly how often it’s necessary.

  • Clean dirt, plant matter and other debris from the outdoor unit. Also clean dirt from the fan blades. The more dirt is allowed to contaminate the system, the less efficiently it runs.

  • Seal any duct leaks. Leaking ducts cause energy loss, since not all the air is making it to its intended destination.

  • Measure your system’s airflow to make sure it’s at the correct level for maximum efficiency.

  • Measure your unit’s refrigerant charge to make sure it’s correct and that there are no leaks. Too low of a charge wastes energy by forcing the unit to work harder to cool the room. Too high a charge can damage the system.

  • Clean the evaporator coil and condensate pan to prevent overflow or leakage. This should be done every two to four years.

  • Inspect the unit’s components for wear or stress. Lubricate the motor and tighten the belts.

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